Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

If you are living in warm weather then you have to install the best 12000 BTU window air conditioner in your home to stay cool and comfortable. This unit is reliable and affordable to use in a home or office. Not only it promises a comfortable environment but also it promises powerful performance in a convenient space. It is not possible to get a central or a full-size air conditioner as they are super expensive for most of us. But if you go for one of these top-rated 12000 BTU air conditioners, you will get the best air conditioner for your any size rooms. Keep reading this review about the best 12000 BTU air conditioner and pick the right one for you.Enter your text here...

Our top picks: the Best 12000 BTU window air conditioner

The 12000 BTU air conditioner are recommended for effectiveness, size and affordable features. In this part, you will get the list of the 5 best 12000 BTU window ac that we have selected for you.

This 3 in 1 functional and fast cooling air conditioner promises a cool and comfortable environment.

With this air conditioner, you can adjust the room temperature with remote control easily.

This wall-mounted ac directs air in 8 ways to cool up the room instantly.

Convenient for any window size with eco-friendly functions.

This air conditioner promises high performance with smooth operation to make your room comfortable.

The top 5 best 12000 BTU air conditioner – top picks and review

In this part, you will get an in-depth review of the top 5 best 12,000 BTU air conditioners in the market. This well-researched review article will help you to pick the one that will meet your requirements properly.

Key features:

  • Increases comfort with 3 in 1 functions
  • Easily cool downs a 550 square feet room fast
  • Can be controlled by changing settings with a remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Allows fresh air through the vent.

This affordable window ac unit comes in an elegant design with a minimum noise feature. As it can be controlled with a remote control you can change settings in modes like – sleep, energy-saving and timer. Easy usage fastens the cooling effect and saves a lot of electricity. High efficient enough to cover a large room instantly. The air vent control allows fresh air to flow in the room to make your stay in the room comfortable and cool. You don’t need to make extra space to install this window unit. Take a screwdriver and install it in the window space without any problem.


  • Let you breathe easy and live healthily.
  • Powerful but quiet in nature.
  • Saves huge energy.
  • The window fan is effective to keep the environment cool.
  • Easy and fast to install.


  • No frills unit to make the water drain away.

Key features:

  • The cooling power is 3516.85 W.
  • Efficient enough to cool up to 550 sq. ft.
  • 3 adjustable fan speeds allow fresh air flow per requirement.
  • Helps to move air in 4 direction.
  • Auto restarts after a power outage.

This ac unit is energy star certified and manages to cool down a 550 square feet room instantly on hot summer days. For the energy-efficient features, you don’t have to worry about extra electricity bills in the summertime. You will find this air conditioner super quiet with a strong cooling capacity. When you need to adjust fan speed and air direction then you can control it with the remote control sitting on your couch or bed. Don’t worry if your area has a power outage problem as it has an auto-restart option


  • Silent but powerful air conditioner.
  • Easy to install in a window space.
  • Energy saving cool unit.
  • Lowers the moisture instantly.
  • Allows to air move in 4 ways direction.


  • Little heavy in size.

Key features:

  • Window mounted air conditioner
  • Perfect for 150 sq. ft. room
  • The fan speeds are motorized controlled
  • Allows airflow in 8 direction
  • Air filters are washable and removable.

This 5000 BTU air conditioner is light in weight but powerful to cool down the living room or kitchen area in less time. With digital temperature control, you can control the fan speeds per your requirement. You can change the air direction in 8 ways when you need to. You will be amazed at the performance of this little cooling machine without any noise. When you need an affordable cold unit for your home go for this little beast as it is easy to install and blows ice cold air on hot summer days.


  • Affordable in price.
  • Light in weight.
  • Makes your room comfortable to stay.
  • Best for small rooms
  • Cools down a room fast.


  • Not for big space

Key features:

  • Cooling capacity is 12,000 BTU and cools up to 550 sq ft
  • Automatic settings with three different fan speeds
  • Allows airflow in 4 direction with energy-saving mode
  • Increased capacity with a powerful performance by using the R32coolant
  • Can be controlled with remote control from 16 feet away.

With this high-quality air conditioner, your 550 sq ft room will get cool in no time. You can easily install it in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen as it doesn’t require so much space. With eco-friendly functions, you can adjust features and operation settings with remote control. The air conditioner comes with energy-saving settings like sleep mode, thermostat-controlled function and filter alert. For all these features you will not have to worry about energy bills especially on summer days.


  • Cool and comfortable.
  • Uses high energetic coolant R32.
  • Energy-saving cooler.
  • High quality and powerful.
  • Silent window ac unit in affordable price.


  • The extensions do not fit in all window size.

Key features:

  • Energy saving unit with Dehumification capacity.
  • Easy to operate with silent function.
  • Simple installation with automatic settings.
  • Reusable air filter ensures high performance.
  • Cool down 550 sq ft space with ease.

For fast and effective cooling this air conditioner is highly recommended. It is easy to operate with easy installment and adjusting settings with remote control. After installing the air conditioner you will get a highly efficient and energy-saving cooler in the home. It also works as the dehumidifier when it needs to. You can adjust the fan speeds silently per your personal preference. Cools down a big space fast then the energy-saving mode turns on automatically to save your energy and money at the same time.


  • Best window ac 12000 BTU.
  • Cools down the room fast.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Affordable cool air unit.
  • Perfect for 550 sq ft space.


  • Only for window installment.

What are BTUs and why it is important while picking an air conditioner?

BTU means British thermal unit. Heat transfer is measured with BTU. That means 1 BTU means you will need to heat the one pound water at one degree temperature. In the air conditioner, the BTU is used to measure the amount of heat

With the BTU you can measure the power of your AC.

To get enough and a proper cool environment you have to measure the space to get the right BTU ac. In this calculation, you need to know about your climate, humidity, barometric pressure elevation and the square root of your space.

For example 12000 BTU means (12,000/20-50= 550) here 550 means your space. So 12000 BTU is perfect for 550 square feet of space.

What to consider while picking up a 12000 BTU window air conditioner?

There are some consideration points while you are going to pick the best window ac 12000 BTU. If you are new to this type of air conditioner then follow the points while purchasing the one for your use.

Room space:

It is very important to measure the space of the room where you want to install a 12000 BTU air conditioner. If your room space is more than 550 square feet then your 12000 BTU window air conditioner will struggle to cool your space and gradually it will break down.

Eco-friendly and affordable:

You have to save money and the planet at the same time while installing an air conditioner in your home. There are many types of the air conditioner in the market but not all of them comes with eco-friendly features.  Go for the one that will save your pocket and your world too.


Window or portable ac:

This choose option totally depends on the owner's personal preference. If you compare both well the window ac is recommended for power and efficiency features.

Noise level:

AC makes noise and it is normal. But look for the one that comes with low decibel attenuation. For this level, your environment will stay quiet and comfortable.


The air conditioners come in 110 to 220 voltage. You have to know what voltage your home or office requires then pick the right voltage air conditioner.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Q1. What size room will a 12000 BTU air conditioner cool

Ans: A12000 BTU air conditioner will cool down a 450 – 550 square feet space well. It will not work if the spaces are more than this space.

Q2. How much electricity does a 12000 BTU air conditioner use?

Ans: A 12000 BTU air conditioner consumes 991 to 1333 watts.  In these watts, the EER is 9 – 12.1 which is average for 12000 BTU units

Q3. Is a 12000 BTU AC good?

Ans: Yes, it is good for cooling down a 450 to 550 square feet room with ease.


To get the best 12000 BTU window air conditioner this review article will guide you to make your hot month cold and comfortable. For global warming issues, the summer days are getting warmer day by day.  So everyone wants a good air conditioner for home or office. We have enlisted these top 5 best 12000 BTU window ac for you to make the choice quick and suitable. Pick the one that is compatible with your budget and requirements.


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