How To Clean Swamp Cooler Pads In 2021

Living in a hot environment and can’t bear the heat? I can’t recommend you an air conditioner because if you could afford it you would have installed in your home already. Don’t get upset- for you, a swamp cooler is the perfect option. With the swamp cooler, your room will stay cool and fresh. In this cooler, the cooler pads are the main part that makes the hot air into the cool air. So, you must keep the pads clean to enjoy the best performance. The cleaning process should be done annually with care. Let’s talk about the whole cleaning process.

Why swamp cooler pad is important

There are reasons as the cleaning the pads are important. In some environment, the water may be hard water that contains dissolved minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, limestone and dissolved rock. All these substances are not harmful to the human body, but this water is totally not cool for the appliances, pipes, and swamp cooler pads. All these minerals create buildup on the pads and make problem in air flow. You will not able to enjoy the cool air and your room will smell like dead fish. The cleaning will help to get rid of the build-ups and makes the pad long lasting.

How to clean master cool pads

Now we are in the instruction part where we will learn the steps about cleaning the swamp cooler pads. You can clean the pad by yourself as it is not so tough job. If you have no time or uncomfortable with the job, then you can call the local plumber.

Things you will need:

Screwdriver or drill: With the drill or a screwdriver, you must open the swamp cooler to get inside because the pads are inside.

Protecting glasses: When you are going to work with the debris, you must keep your eye protected. For that, you must wear goggles or safety glasses. These protective glasses will keep your eyes safe.

Gloves: When you are working with the swamp cooler, you must keep your hand safe from the metal that may stay hot or have cut. There are protective gloves that are designed to keep the hands safe.

Ladder: As the swamp cooler is installed up on the roof, so you have to own a ladder that will help you to go up. But make sure you put the ladder on the flat surface for security.

Water Hose: To clean the pad, you will have to use a water spray hose. With a hose, you have to spray down the pad. by this the cleaning process gets easy.

Flashlight: Inside the swamp cooler, it is dark, and it is hard to see the condition of the pads. You will have to use a flashlight to have a good look especially the power outlets.

Flashlight: Inside the swamp cooler, it is dark, and it is hard to see the condition of the pads. You will have to use a flashlight to have a good look especially the power outlets.

​Instructions to clean the swamp cooler pads:

  1. Pick the day when it is nice and warm weather. Do not work on a stormy day because it will be impossible to work on that weather.
  2. When you are starting the process, at first secure your ladder ground to get up on the roof safely.
  3. After reaching the top, your first task is to disconnect the power of the swamp cooler. For that, you have to take off the panel of the swamp cooler where the power outlet is. Make sure to unplug the cords of the motor and the pump. Inside the unit there are receptacles.
  4. The next task is you have to remove the cooling pads. On the front part of the cooler there is a mesh cover, under the cover there are cooling pads. You have to get the cooling pads out. To uncover the front part, you will have to unscrew the panel. After removing the top panel, the front mesh cover will be before you. After removing the mesh cover, the pads get exposed. Now you have to remove the tube that works as a distribution section from the pad top. As the tubes are not connected, you can remove them easily. Keep the parts in a safe place. now the pads will come out by sliding. Some cooler may have different sections, it depends on the design.
  5. Now it is time to check the pads condition. After taking the pad check if the pads are falling apart or very heavy, then the build ups are too much, and you have to replace the cooling pads. If the pads just need cleaning, then you have to keep them aside in a place to make the task easy.
  6. When you are ready to clean the pads, you have to move the pads aside and shake them like a rug. By this shaking the loosen materials will go away easily. when the washing step will come, look at the pads sides because the pads have a front and back side. You have to start washing from the back side then to front side. While using the water hose, star from an angel. To guide you while washing there will be slanted grooves on the sides. By this, the debris will get out forcibly. Try to clean the pads properly, if you see the calcium is not coming out then you have to get new cooling pads.
  7. After cleaning the cooling pads, you have to place the pads on the place and the distribution tube on the top. Then goes the metal panel then the mesh panel. After placing all the panels, you have to screw the panels to keep the panel in place.
  8. After placing all the panels, plug the cooler and motor. Keep the pump in and screw the metal panel. And the task is done.

Here is the process of cleaning the swamp cooler pads. Sometimes new swamp cooler users may face the situation how to clean the swamp cooler pads, I think this instruction guide will guide them and help to have a clean swamp cooler. Keep your swamp cooler clean to get a long time service.

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