How To Install A Swamp Cooler | Easy Step By Step Guide

Staying in the area where the weather is dry is a little tough as the weather stays hot all the time. To deal with this weather type, swamp coolers, which are also known as the evaporative cooling system, is a better option. This cooler draws the hot air from outside through the cooling pads. The evaporation cools down the air and circulates in the room or house with the large blower. In the summertime keeping your home cool is necessary, especially for health. You can install the swamp cooler by yourself. In this article, you will get a guide on how to install a swamp cooler.  I hope it will help the new users.

How master cool swamp cooler works

A swamp cooler is common in warm areas where the humidity of air is less. The evaporative cooler adds moisture and makes the air cool and fresh. Let’s have a look at how the swamp cooler works:

  • When you turn on the switch of the swamp cooler, the valve of the water supply starts to bring water to the bottom. The water pouring continues until the float reaches the level. Then the water valve stops pouring the water.
  • After having sufficient water in the cooler, the pump starts to pull the water through the water supply lines. These lines are placed at the top of the evaporative pads. The pads pour water.
  • When the pads finish getting water in them, the blower motor starts to pull the warm air in the swamp cooler through the pad. When the hot air goes through the cooling pads, the moisture cleans the air and makes it cool. This is evaporative cooling.
  • After making the hot air to cool air, the blower captures the cool air and blows it through the vent and ducts in the house

How To Install A Swamp Cooler

It is a heavy-duty task to install a swamp cooler. Not only is it a heavy job but also a complex one. But by following the proper instruction, you can install it properly. You can install the cooler on the roof or the window. Installing the cooler on the roof is cheaper, but you have to maintain your roof material frequently as the cooler gets leakage problems from time to time. Here I will talk about both the installation system. It is up to you which one you will prefer to install for your home.

How To Install The Swamp Cooler On The Roof

  1. At first, you have to calculate the required cool air volume for your home by multiplying with three figures. You can take help from the dealers you are taking the cooler from.
  2. Pick the location on the roof and check out the roof beams. Because you have to install the ductwork with a clear path from the roof to the ceiling.
  3. Mark the size of the more cooling duct on the fixed place. It will be better to place the duct in between the roof beams. Cut the marked area with an electric saw. Drill the corners of the marked place.
  4. Mount the brackets in the holes you made while cutting the marked place. Make sure to adjust the brackets with roof pitch to make the surface level proper to place the surface duct. If the mounting bracket gets tough, use metal bracing. Screw the metal bracing in the roof beams after that install the metal brackets in the bracing to make the support stronger. Seal the screw holes with roof tar.
  5. Mark the place to make a hole to install the duct through the attic. Use the flexible duct and place it vertically. Make the hole with a drywall saw. Secure the duct with screw and tape.
  6. Install the duct, a thermostat wire, and a power wire. You have to know how to wire a swamp cooler. If you don’t want to do it yourself, then take professional help to do it perfectly. After installing the wires, close all the wire openings with the roof tar.
  7. Put the cooler on the brackets and connect with the duct. Make sure to connect the thermostat wire securely with more cooling thermostat connections. You have to install the interior thermostat on the house wall. Use the electrical circuit to wire the cooler power.
  8. To supply the cold water from your water tap to the cooler, use the PVC pipe. The secure the pipe in the wall and roof, use the pipe brackets. Don’t forget to seal the holes on the roof and the walls. Connect the pipe to the cooler by following the instruction.
  9. After installing, turn the water supply on. Check if there any leaks in the connection. Then start the cooler. Check the air is cooling down or not.

How To Install A Swamp Cooler In A Wall

  1. Prepare the wall where you will install the swamp cooler.
  2. Mount the hangers that will support your cooler. After that, assemble the brackets and install it per the instructions. You can build up the windowsill outside to give support.
  3. Place the swamp cooler in the wall through the window. Place the cooler on the assembled support.
  4. Install the water line to run water in the cooler.
  5. To drain the water easily, install the cut off valve. You can attach a hose with the cooler to let the overflow water goes out in the garden.
  6. Attach the vent in the cooler front part.
  7. Start the cooler to get cool air.

Swamp Cooler Installation Cost

there are several types of evaporative coolers. The cost of the installation and the size effects the installation costing. The average costing of installing a swamp cooler for a 1500 square feet home starts from $3900 to $7000.

Final Thought

Swamp coolers are the effective coolers that keep the climate cool in the dry and hot air areas. The cooling water pads of the cooler works to make the air cool for your home. It is hard, especially children’s get sick in the hot environment. So, to keep the air cool and balanced, every home must have a swamp cooler. If you don’t know how to install swamp cooler, you can take professional help from the dealers; you will receive the cooler. So enjoy the cool air in the home with your family, even the sun out there is hot and shiny.


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